3 Ways to Make the Road Your Home Away From Home

When adjusting to a career, everyone wants job satisfaction. It’s no secret that what determines this satisfaction is a person’s ability to find a comfortable balance between work and home life. Although this balancing act is something every working person has to manage, those in the trucking industry are especially affected.

As a truck driver, you spend long stretches of time away from your bed, family and friends — working away from home is not an easy thing to do. So how can drivers maintain a healthy balance between family time, personal time and working hours? Outlined below are just a few ideas on how to make the truck cab your home away from home.

1. Keep Up With People by Optimizing Communications

Out on the road, you’re traveling at speeds upward of 65 mph — carrying freight hundreds of miles across highways. Back at home, life is also moving pretty fast, and you may worry about the people and social opportunities left behind. Fortunately, maintaining a fulfilling social life while on the road is possible.

When you’re stopping for driving breaks, take a moment to send texts to your spouse or family members throughout the day. This will help break up your driving time and give you that feeling of much-needed connection. During scheduled social time, do more than just text people. Make actual phone calls so that you can hear each other’s voices.

Calling will make you feel much closer to the people you talk to. If available, use your phone to Facetime or your laptop to Skype people. If you miss seeing them, then it’s likely that they are missing your face as well.

2. Find Stability by Keeping a Schedule

When you sleep and work in the same space, it sometimes feels like you’re constantly working. You may find yourself feeling burned out and in need of some serious rest and relaxation. This is where keeping a regular schedule comes into play.

You’ve already set your working hours, but make sure you’re also scheduling blocks of time during the day for personal activities. Set aside time for the things you enjoy. Keep up with hobbies, work out, catch up on your favorite TV show or read a book.

Consider scheduling a set time for personal communications with friends and family. This will help you keep in touch and ensure that those you want to talk to are available when you are.

3. Stay Connected by Using Technology

New technology makes staying connected on the road easier than ever before. Having a reliable cellular network and smartphone will help you keep in touch and make better use of your downtime.

In addition to your phone, an internet connection is an invaluable resource for keeping up with people, staying entertained and maximizing personal time. We live in a world where in-cab Wi-Fi and streaming services can be installed right in your truck cab. That way, all that the web has to offer is readily accessible.

Feel closer to people back home by watching the same show at the same time. That way, it will feel like you’re enjoying it together. If you’re missing family meals, plan on eating at the same time as your family and video chat while you eat. It will be more like having dinner together.

It’s said that you can’t do a good job if your job is all you do. By implementing the strategies discussed and fitting family and personal time into your work schedule, you can feel more connected to the people and things that matter most to you.

Having a home away from home on the road starts with having the right truck. If you’re interested in purchasing a high-quality, pre-owned semi-truck, contact us at Arrow Truck Sales for more information on our inventory and financing options.