5 Winter Driving Tips for Truckers to Stay Warm on the Road

Winter truck driving presents harsher conditions on the road than other times of the year. Not only do you drive in hazardous weather conditions like snow and ice, but you constantly deal with cold weather. A truck can only provide so much heat and comfort while on the open road.

If you want to remain comfortable while out on the road, then consider this collection of tips to help you through the process. Once you master the tips, you can enjoy each winter without cold weather becoming a major issue while you drive.

1. Use Hot Cup Warmers

Enjoying beverages like coffee or tea can help you get through long drives on the road, but winter weather can cause the drinks to lose their warmth quickly. Help keep your drinks warm with a hot cup warmer. While an insulated beverage container also helps trap in heat, you may not always bring your own beverages or have the means to use the cups.

As you stop off at rest stops, you may pick up a drink in a disposable cup. The quick drink options are ideal for a hot cup warmer. The drink will remain warm for an extended amount of time and help heat up your body with each sip you have.

A hot cup warmer will typically plug into a truck’s power outlet or USB outlet that’s in the dashboard. A hot cup warmer will fit inside most cup holders and can remain there so you don’t have to take it out each time or waste storage space. If you have cold drinks, you can simply leave the power off the device, and the cup holder acts as insulation for the cold beverage.

2. Shop for Winter Camping Gear

If warmth is your objective, then shop for items geared towards cold weather. People who camp in the winter usually seek out the warmest gear, and you can take advantage of this gear for your truck driving. For example, if your truck has a sleeper cab, then you may consider a winter camping sleeping bag.

Even with an auxiliary power unit to keep warm, a winter sleeping bag can provide comfort and total body warmth for nights where you utilize the sleeper cab. While driving, you may consider a layered jacket that provides flexibility and warmth.

Many camping jackets are designed for active hiking movements, which will still give you easy ways to move around while you drive and operate a truck.

3. Purchase Rechargeable Warmers

Hand and foot warmers have been used for years to boost the warmth inside gloves or boots. Former warmers used to be disposable and only lasted for a few hours. As a trucker, you can purchase rechargeable warmers for on the road. If you have to pump gas or work on exterior elements of a truck, the warmers provide extra comfort.

You can easily slip a warmer into your pocket or the side of a boot. Modern technology makes the little devices easy to charge so you can always have access while out on the road. Many of the devices are sold in sets, or you can purchase warmers individually and based on your personal needs.

4. Install a Microwave

During the winter, warm foods like soup provide comfort and will help keep the chills away. If you purchase a truck with a sleeper cab, then you can look into adding a microwave. A microwave provides a quick way to warm up food and enjoy hot meals on the go. A small microwave is all you need for the road, especially for a single driver.

When you park for overnight rest, a microwave is ideal for dinner. You can also use a microwave for extra warmth options. For example, you could heat up a therapy neck wrap in the microwave. The neck wrap provides extra warmth as you lay down and go to sleep for the night.

The warmth can also help relax muscles reduce any sores or pains you have from extended driving time on the road.

5. Indoor Dining Options

As you plan out your truck driving route in the winter, consider rest stops with indoor dining options. Locations with tables and booths give you the option to sit and relax without wasting gas or power in your truck. The rest stops provide warmth and are often well-heated during the winter.

Not only can you enjoy the heat, but you can enjoy a hot meal as well. Visit rest stops you know have indoor locations or communicate with other truck drivers to find out about the best stops to visit.

As you plan out your winter driving, considering purchasing a used truck from us at Arrow Truck Sales. We can help you find a truck that accommodates your needs through the winter and other seasons of the year.