Is purchasing a 6×2 chassis configuration the right choice for you?

When buyers begin the process of finding the right used truck for their business, many times they start by asking questions regarding price, miles, engine make, horsepower or other general spec-related inquiries. However, the first question they should be asking is how well this particular piece of equipment will perform while meeting your hauling needs and requirements.

In other words, what application was the truck built for? Was the truck actually designed to do what you need it to do? This is the most important question, since if the truck does not fit your application, it can cost you a lot of money! Getting the truck that was built to do what you need it to do will put more money in your pocket over time.

OTR tractors are built to many different specifications, specific to the fleet that orders them from the OEM. Day cabs or sleeper.  Long haul or regional.  Single or tandem axle. Chassis configuration is also specification being considered when spec’ing a truck for a certain application

What is a 6×2 configuration?  It has a “dead axle” in the back with an air bag to maintain cargo weight but it does not pull.  Automatic weight transfer system uses air sensing valves to inflate the air bag if the front wheels don’t spin will deflate to put more weight on front axle for better grip and traction.

What are the advantages? First of all, it saves approximately 500 lbs. in truck weight for extra cargo weight. Less weight also means better fuel economy and better fuel economy saves money.  Second, since the front axle does all the work, it saves wear and tear on the rear tires. Third, since there is no rear axle, there is less requires maintenance on a drive shaft and/or u-joints. So, the primary advantage is lower of ownership.

Additionally, it can still pull the same weight. There is no loss of horsepower or torque since the GAWR and GVWR rating on a truck is based on the axel capacity. Fleets who have switched their tractors to 6×2 axle configurations have realized up to 2.5% – 3.5% fuel reduction, among other benefits.

But also realize this configuration may not be right for you. Are you taking your truck off-road or hauling for land-fills or logging?  Then this is the wrong truck for you. It is strictly a highway truck designed for flat, hard surfaces. If you buy the right truck…you win. Wrong truck…you’ll will regret it. Other factors to consider is where do you haul. This configuration is more popular in the southern region of the U.S. and especially great for regional hauls.

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