A Caffeinated Drink Guide for Truck Drivers

For many truck drivers, one of their most important road companions is caffeine. Caffeine boosts energy to help drivers stay alert on the road and make it through long stretches of driving. When you hit the open road, you shouldn’t just drink anything you can get your hands on. Proper caffeine management will help you stay both healthy and alert as you drive.

Before your next big road trip, read this drink guide to learn about caffeine and ways to boost energy while you’re on the road.

Caffeinated Drinks and Extra Calories

As a truck driver, monitoring your caloric intake is important. When you drink caffeinated beverages, the extra calories can really sneak up on you. Cream, sugar, and toppings like whipped cream can all add calories to your daily diet. When you drink coffee, consider the use of artificial sweeteners and skim milk to reduce calories.

When you drink soda, stick to diet or zero-sugar drinks to cut out extra calories. The replacement options will not change the amount of caffeine you have. If you seek out more natural options, then consider a stevia-based drink option. Stevia is a calorie-free sweetener that is derived from plants.

Freshly Brewed Drinks

If you purchase pre-made coffee and caffeinated drinks, you will likely consume a lot of extra calories and sugar. Present your body with fresh forms of caffeine with freshly brewed drinks. Purchase a small, single-cup brewer for your truck. Before you head out on the road, brew yourself a cup of coffee or tea. The drink will taste fresh and hot.

Brewing your own coffee will save you money when compared to purchasing daily cups from rest stops and other locations. A truck with a mini-fridge is ideal for storing fresh creamer. You also have the option to bring powdered creamer with you so you do not need to rely on refrigeration.

You no longer need to worry about finding rest stops with coffee shops when you can park and make coffee at any location. For quicker stops, consider instant coffee. Instant coffee is easy to store in your truck and comes in many flavors.

The small grounds dissolve in water and transform the drink into coffee. Put the instant coffee into a bottle of water and have a go-to drink option. The taste may not live up to fresh-brewed coffee, but the main goal is to have a source of caffeine.

Bulk Purchases

Save even more money and get your caffeine fix with bulk purchases of caffeinated beverages. If you choose to brew your own drinks, then you could bulk purchase K-cups coffee pods. Many bulk purchases include all the same flavor, while others include a variety of flavors to mix it up a bit.

Also, consider making a bulk purchase of caffeinated beverages like soda. Purchase boxes of cans and bottles for your truck. Websites and wholesale retail stores offer bulk purchases. Make the purchases before big trips on the road so you have plenty in stock.

For example, you may average two to three caffeinated beverages per day. So if you have a seven-day truck trip, then you would need at least 21 cans or bottles. If bulk purchases include more, then you can save drinks for future trips. Keep track of expiration dates on the drinks so you can cycle out fresh ones for each extended trip on the road.

Energy Shots

While out on the open road, you may feel tempted to purchase energy drinks or shots. While the drinks would keep you alert on the open road, you have to consider a lot of negative side effects associated with the drinks. Energy shots may cause fast heart rates, sleep disturbances, and jitters.

Eventually, you will suffer from an energy crash from the effects of the energy shots. You know your body best, but you should try to avoid energy shots as much as possible. The negative effects often outweigh the alertness provided by the shots, and you can find better ways to stay alert and caffeinated.

Snack Boosts

When you drink caffeine, pair the drinks with healthy food options to boost your energy and feel great through long drives. Ideally, you want foods with vitamins that boost your energy. One of the best snack options is a banana. Bananas are filled with high amounts of vitamin B. Vitamin B is a natural energy booster that can help you feel alert.

Another option is dark chocolate. Chocolate has natural caffeine, and a little dark chocolate goes well with drinks like coffee and tea. You can often find bananas and dark chocolate at rest stops or pack your own inside the truck.

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