Learn Why Buying Used Is A Smart Business Decision!


This calculator was specifically designed for Arrow customers to compare costs and savings.

A question that is often asked is “Why should I buy used?”

Although new trucks generally cost less to operate and maintain, the initial purchase price, F.E.T., and higher insurance costs means higher initial investment and higher CPM (Cost Per Mile).

When a used truck buyer considers all operating costs – like maintenance and fuel, taxes, insurance and depreciation – they can quickly see that their total “Cost of Ownership” can be reduced with the purchase of quality used equipment.

It is important to note that MPG and maintenance costs have as much to do with the driver as it does the truck. Is the truck properly and regularly maintained? Is proper tire pressure continually monitored? And what speed do you drive?

The calculator below can provide you with an estimate of your potential costs savings. Fill it out and see if it makes sense for you to buy used.

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This savings calculator is provided merely as a general guide. It is simply a tool that we are providing our customers to help determine if buying used is right for you.  Arrow does not guarantee the actual, maintenance and MPG costs. There are a lot of variables that contribute to these costs, one of which, as mentioned above, is the driver/owner. We encourage you to speak with one of our truck consultants to help determine your exact situation. Click here or call today to speak with one of our sales professionals about the financial advantages of buying used.

Arrow Truck Sales makes no claims, guarantees or warranties regarding this savings calculator. Arrow is not liable for the final results of the calculator.