What should owner-operators know about the used truck buying process?

When most owner-operators come into our dealerships they’re concerned about price (they want the best deal possible) and about the truck specs. The buying process can be difficult but it should be easy if you have a plan. Price is obviously very important, and you shouldn’t leave a dealership without asking their best price. But don’t ignore the important questions beyond just that will be the difference between success and disaster on the road.

Don’t neglect important questions in the decision making process like has the truck been thoroughly inspected? Has the truck been checked out to make sure it passes DOT and PM service? Has the regeneration been run fully to make sure there are no problems coming down the line? Are there any active or inactive codes?

Checking out the truck thoroughly before signing on the dotted line is critical. Everything happens fast, and owner-operators should be excited to get out on the road and start making money – that’s why many set out to be their own boss. But before you commit to a truck, the best thing to do is slow down and make sure you’re diligent inspecting the truck and make sure you’re comfortable with your purchase and are testing the necessary functions.

As a truck dealer, we work hard to our due diligence on the trucks we sell. But we’re not you. There might be things specific to your truck needs and your business that you might see that we don’t. A truck purchase and decisions you make surrounding that purchase should be tailor fit to your needs. Before signing any paperwork or filling out a credit application, take time to make sure it is the truck to best fit your needs.

On the financing side, the same logic applies. Make sure you’re comfortable with it and is something you can reasonably do. Dealers like Arrow offer extended warranties at great value. Not all protection is created equal. Make sure your protection allows you to receive help from any authorized dealer nationwide – you never know where you’ll go. Make sure they cover wear out and failure of parts to make sure there is no loopholes in their coverage that should absolutely be taken care of.

When you’re looking for your next truck purchase it all comes down to comfort. Make sure you’re comfortable with the truck, the financing and the protection.