Technology has been a big disruptor in the trucking industry

Technological advancements have drastically changed society as a whole. The trucking industry is no different and it manifests itself in a variety of ways.

With trucks themselves, there has been a learning curve with emissions technology throughout the last twenty years – for everyone. Some manufacturers have experienced growing pains trying to perfect the technology required to help the trucking industry do their part in promoting a cleaner environment. Safety and aerodynamics have seen major strides in the last decade. Fleets, suppliers, leasing companies and drivers have had to constantly learn the nuances of trucks with emerging technology. The byproduct of all these changes and learning across the board has brought the quality of units to newer heights.

The trucking industry is a well educated industry – livelihood depends on knowing the ins and outs of your unit. The rise of social media has helped keep truck drivers connected to each other – and allowed for wisdom to be imparted on newer generations of truck drivers. Media specific to educating the truck market is available with video accessibility made easy on the likes of Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and more. There are several options to help you gain knowledge and understanding of the hot button issues on the road.

The way trucks are advertised, bought and sold has changed significantly as well. Gone are the days where salesman would have to mail photos of a unit to a customer. Print media has changed significantly – with every major publication also having a digital wing to get maximum exposure. Information on trucks is now more accessible than it has ever been. Between the information available online from an education standpoint, truck data is more prominently displayed to help potential buyers enter a negotiation on a unit with confidence.

Though it hasn’t always been perfect, the resiliency of the trucking industry has shown itself in how it has adapted and grown over the last few decades. It will be ready for whatever significant technological disruptors come next.