Truck Drivers Are Finally Getting the Recognition They Deserve

The last twelve months has been different for everyone. Our lives have changed drastically – including in the trucking industry.

Whether it was helping re-stock shelves across the country with toilet paper or supplying COVID-19 vaccines, the efforts of the most thankless job in America are being properly recognized. In difficult economic times, the trucking industry has actually helped keep some businesses afloat. Without truckers, times could be even more drastic. As long as there’s truck drivers on the road – we have a fighting chance as a country.

With every negative that happens there’s a positive. In the trucking industry, we’ve seen a group of hard working people get more recognition than they’ve received historically – and it’s so well deserved. Truck drivers have been an essential part of our country since trucks were invented – and now their efforts have been more appropriately brought to light.

In the midst of a devastating crisis in our country – opportunity arose for truckers to step up across America. They more than delivered. We relied on the trucking industry before the pandemic – we rely on it even more now. The efforts even earned presidential praise in early April 2020 at the start of the pandemic. Truck drivers been a critical pieces of our response to crisis – and the value of the men and women working hard to keep America moving are getting their recognition.

If you bought it, a truck driver brought it.