Warning signs for owner-operators when talking to a truck dealer

What are the warning signs for owner-operators talking with dealers about their next truck purchase? There are a lot of things that could raise a red flag but one of the first things to think about is when you go into or call the dealership, make sure you’re not being pushed automatically into something you’re not comfortable with. If they’re not listening to you or listening to your unique situation, that can often be the first warning sign when working with a dealer or salesperson.

The truth is an OEM or a reputable dealer (UTA: Used Truck Association members might be a good place to start for this) that’s been around for a long time have years and years of proving best business practices or else they wouldn’t have stuck around for as long as they have. It’s hard to be dismissive of a customer’s needs and survive in the truck sales industry.

Make sure the dealership you’re working with is listening. If they aren’t trying to understand your situation then they don’t have your best interest in mind when steering you towards a major purchasing decision like a used truck. They should be probing you for information about how they can meet your trucking needs – not talking you into something.

You deserve to have your questions and concerns answered. You deserve to have a clear understanding of that dealer’s process from start to finish. You deserve to have your needs met. Purchasing your next truck is a life changing decision for truck drivers – the process should be clear and simple.

If a salesperson you’re talking to seems to have already forgot what you said, if they’re already have a predetermined destination for where they want to take you, get out of there. This is too big of a decision to not have your interests put first. Try to find someone with your best interests, whether it’s us at Arrow or someone else.