What’s the first question a used truck buyer should ask a dealer?

What’s the first question a used truck buyer should ask a dealer?

The first question is typically “what’s your best price?” There are several other questions that people will start with about inventory, financing, their warranty programs or what a truck sales company does to their trucks before selling them.

Honestly, every dealer is going to talk about their multi-point truck inspections, the shops they use for repairs. No dealer is every going to say “you know we knew there were problems with this truck but just decided to put a band-aid on it.”

No truck dealer is going to admit to that, so are those the kinds of questions that used truck purchasers should be asking? What should they be looking for with their dealer? Transparency. When you ask for documentation o n what they know about the truck and what they’ve done with it, can the provide it? Is their paperwork backing up what they say? Do they provide contact information for you to get clarity on what services have been performed on a truck?

As far as financing is concerned, everyone has their own unique financing process. Make sure it’s a company that actually wants to see you succeed and isn’t benefitting from you defaulting. Does the financing company have a grace period that if things go bad, they aren’t immediately going after your truck – that want you to keep running.

As far as price, it doesn’t take long to find how competitive the pricing is on a unit. There are prices listed across the internet at a wide variety of spots to help you get a good understanding of the price of the truck. If they’re in line with what’s out there, it comes down to the condition of the truck. It comes down to your comfort level with the unit and the people you’re working with.

The best question to ask a salesman when you’re purchasing a used truck is “Are you ready to back up what you say with documentation and written proof?” Everything comes down to how willing a company is to provide you with enough information to make an important decision like purchasing your next used truck.